Residential & Commercial Golf Solutions

Practice like a pro in your yard all year long.

Commercial & Backyard Golf Solutions

Bring The Golf Course To YOU!

Tour Greens Denver operates as All Things Turf. We build premium backyard putting greens and supply many other golf solutions. Practice your putting as well as your entire short game with a Tour Greens Denver artificial putting green. We provide homes and businesses in the Denver, Colorado and surrounding communities with tour-quality backyard putting greens. 

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PGA Caliber Golf Greens For Your Home Or Office

Design & Installation
Home Putting Green Installation
Learn more about our process that guides you from turf and base selection all the way through to design and installation. Our team will build a custom green to fit most spaces.
Short Game Green
Backyard Short Game Putting Greens
Tour Greens Denver short game greens is the industry standard for synthetic golf putting greens. Enjoy the performance of natural grass with minimum maintenance and maximum convenience.
Outdoor Putting Greens
Denver Backyard Putting Greens
Backyard outdoor putting greens provide a smooth, consistent putting surface with true ball roll for those looking to practice shots in the beautiful Colorado weather from less than 30 yards.
Par 3 Greens
Par 3 Backyard Putting Greens
Par 3 greens are one of the most enjoyable golf holes in the game. Bring the fun of a 200+ yard golf shot to your backyard with our par 3 greens. We create Bunkers and other cool features.
Indoor Putting Greens
Indoor Artificial Putting Greens
Weather in Colorado is unpredictable at best in the winter. Practice your short game all year long with an indoor putting green. Our team can work with virtually any space to create a personalized indoor green.
Backyard Golf Courses
Work with our designers to create a Tour Greens Denver back yard golf course of your dreams. Our team can design and install an entire golf course on your property.
Synthetic Turf Tee Lines
Receive year-round performance with a Tour Greens synthetic turf tee lines. Natural grass tee lines will quickly wear with divots and bear spots, Tour Greens of Denver will install synthetic turf tee lines that will stand up to consistent use.
Putting Courses
Work with our Tour Green of Denver designers to create a unique artificial turf putting green course for both indoor and outdoor applications. We can design a putting course for commercial or residential use.
Tee Boxes & Hitting Mats
Tour Greens' synthetic turf will provide you with golf hitting mats and tee boxes that look and feel like a natural tee box. Tour Greens of Denver provides year round durability that is unmatched by natural grass.
Why Choose Us

We have a passion for what we do and we think it shows

We have a combined experience of over 40 years in the turf industry. We don’t just “sell and install turf”. We enhance your property and provide years of practice and play.

The Best Denver Artificial Putting Greens

We have earned many accolades over the years for some of our commercial projects, including an award from Hank Haney.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We will work through any issues, solve whatever problems we need to and or do whatever we can that is within our power to make our customers "happy". This is why we offer a 3 year installation warranty!

Premium Design & Installation Service

We work diligently with our client and our design team to provide our customers with digital design/rendering services to see exactly what you will be getting before you buy. Our owner has had design training from some of the best in the world to include Peter Kostis.

Denver Artificial Turf & Backyard Putting Greens
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Common ARtificial Turf Questions

Most Popular Questions

No, it cannot. Due to the porosity of artificial grass and putting greens, turf needs to be installed over a base of compacted stone, generally crusher fines at least 3”-4” deep for lawns and 5”-6” deep for putting greens. If installed over dirt, you will have mud under your turf that will never dry.

Yes, artificial grass, putting greens, dog turf, fields can all get extremely hot. HOWEVER, our new turf does have heat reductions technology which makes it about 35% cooler than our competitor’s turf.

Despite what some sales people tell you, ALL artificial turf does need some light maintenance from time to time to keep it looking good and performing like it did in year 1. Blowing off debris with a leaf blower, raking the turf or using one of our electric power brooms really helps!

we do strongly suggest that they NOT be covered with a tarp or plastic at ANY time. Cold, snow and ice have really no ill effect on turf but rather strong UV rays and trapped moisture from a cover CAN cause problems. Turf needs to breathe, the water in the stone base and the turf needs to be able to transpire back into the air and if it is covered, that cannot happen

We suggest you roll it in the spring when winter is over. This will help to smooth-out any bumps in the green that may have developed with the ground freeze/thaw, flatten out turf and make the green roll faster. This can be done by buying a water-filled sod roller from Home Depot for about $125, or, you can call us for a quote on a “spring spruce up” which includes blowing, powerbrooming, adjustment of any cups, checking all seams and nails, adding any infill if needed and rolling the green. 

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