Pet Friendly Artificial Grass Lawns

Looks like natural, healthy grass and saves time, money and water.

There is little question that dogs can be hard on natural grass.  While it may be great for play time, the grass roots are susceptible to tugging and pulling and that doesn’t even account for some of the other things dogs do on grass.  With XGrass Pet Turf, these worries disappear.

Working with All Things Turf should be a seamless, hassle free experience. From concept and design to turf installation and ongoing support, All Things Turf has the expertise and quality materials to ensure a successful project.

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Safe, Durable, Pet Lawns

Digging, scratching – and, oh yes, that other stuff.  Dogs can be tough on grass, but XGrass synthetic turf can take it.  Designed to stand up to whatever your animals can dish out, XGrass turf systems will give you a beautiful, long-lasting yard with more availability and less downtime due to weather or maintenance .

Pet Turf Benefits

With XGrass pet and landscaping products, mud, puddles and pesticides are a thing of the past.  Our turf systems require no water and are virtually maintenance-free – saving you time, money and hassle.   They are ideal for families with children and pets and are one of the most environmentally friendly landscaping solutions available.

Provides Mud-Free Playing Surfaces
Eliminates Chemicals & Fertilizers
Stays Green All Year Long
Minimize Allergen Exposure
Low Maintenance

Customized Pet Lawns For Every Space

From mountain homes to subdivisions, we custom design and install pet lawns for your dream yard with landscaping and other yard elements.

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