Tile Hockey Rink Courts

Commercial and backyard hockey rinks.

VersaCourt offers a unique and high-performing court tile surfacing solution that is specifically engineered for inline and roller hockey application. Available for both indoor and outdoor settings, VersaCourt modular hockey tiles are built with a unique surface profile designed for enhanced skating performance, exceptional durability, and perfect puck glide.

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Backyard Hockey Rinks

Indoor and outdoor hockey rink tiles offer the perfect surface for roller and inline hockey rinks. Our tiles fit together tightly and securely without seams or gaps. This allows for a smooth skating experience and a great puck glide. Along with great playability, court installation is simple. The VersaCourt tiles snap together easily and they are virtually maintenance free. No waxing required.

Low Maintenance
Superior Grip
Up to 50% Cooler
Unmatched Durability
Suspended Surface
Wide Selection of Tile Colors

Commercial Outdoor Rinks

VersaCourt Speed Outdoor was specifically-designed for outdoor skating and inline hockey applications. The unique surface design of the Speed Outdoor tile allows for natural puck glide, and the precision locking system provides a smooth, monolithic skating surface with the best wheel grip in the industry.

Speed Outdoor hockey rinks also feature quick drain and dry surface perforations and heat expansion joints, which make it an ideal surfacing solution for any weather environment.

Commercial Indoor Rinks

The special surface relief of VersaCourt Compete creates secure and smooth skate contact, allowing for quick acceleration, as well as enhanced maneuverability. While at cruising speed, your skates only touch the top surface with very low friction. For better cornering and stopping, your skates dig in to the lower surface profile for increased grip.

The real magic occurs with our unique surface tile design. Each VersaCourt Compete tile features tiny raised pinheads on the surface, which elevate the puck slightly so that it glides as if it’s on a sheet of ice. In addition, our unique surface perforation diffuses air pressure build-up underneath the puck, so that it does not lift or wobble during play.

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