Residential & Commercial Silica Sand Infill

Turf Sands – NSF/ANSI 61

Silica Sand - 50 lbs. bag

Artificial Lawn and Putting Green Sand

Turf Sands – NSF/ANSI 61

Our high-quality silica sands set the standard for quality, efficiency, and customer service for all industrial sand applications, including glassmaking, foundry, water filtration, building products, Well pack, and sports and recreation industries. These products meet NSF/ANSI 61

Turf Sands – INCAST

Wedron Silica is an extremely high-purity, round grain silica sand. It ranges from coarse to very fine sand and is mined from the St. Peter Sandstone, which is a 200-million-years-old sand deposit that runs from Minnesota to Oklahoma.

Turf Sands – INCAST - 50 lbs. bag
#20 fine/rounded/silica sand for synthetic putting greens - sold in 50 lbs. bags
Turf Sands – NSF/ANSI 61 - 50 lbs. bag
12/20 Silica Sand for artificial turf lawns applications- sold in 50lbs bags
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